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  • Fennel & Dill Gravlax

Fennel & Dill Gravlax

2 lb center cut salmon filet,

     skin-on, pin bones removed*

3/4 C kosher salt

3/4 C granulated sugar

1 Tbl black pepper, coarsely ground

1/4 C fresh dill, chopped coarsely

1/4 C fennel fronds, chopped coarsely

*Note on salmon: Use only high quality fresh fish. Sushi grade is not required, but nice.  I used farmed salmon.


Combine all seasonings in a small bowl.  In a glass or enamel baking dish a little bigger than the filet, spread plastic wrap across the dish lengthwise with enough overhang on both sides to be able to enclose the salmon when folded closed.  Spread more plastic wrap across the dish crosswise with plenty of overhang on both sides.  You should have two layers of wrap completely covering the bottom of the dish. 

Sprinkle half of the seasoning mixture into the plastic lined dish.  Place the salmon skin side down on top of the mixture.  Sprinkle the remaining seasoning on top of the salmon and pack down with your hands to cover the flesh evenly and thickly.  Fold the wrap tightly over the seasoned salmon from all four sides, ensuring it is tightly enclosed.  You want no air inside the plastic wrap. 

Place a small cutting board or tray on top of the sealed fish packet, and place canned food or other weight on top to create even pressure on the salmon.  Refrigerate for 3 days, removing from fridge every 12 hours, and draining any liquid from the dish.  After 3 days remove from fridge, unwrap and rinse under cold water, then pat dry with paper towels. 


Place gravlax flesh side up on a cutting board, and using a sharp, long, thin knife held at a low angle, cut thin slices of salmon, leaving the skin behind.  Shingle the slices on a serving tray and serve with brown bread or bagels and other toppings such as mustard sauce, cream cheese, lemon, capers, etc.  Gravlax may be stored in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic for up to one week.  

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